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Laser Treatments

Clarité offers a range of physician supervised laser treatments for men and women using advanced Cynosure® laser technology. Visit the link below for more information about our laser technology and procedures.

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Hair Reduction

Almost everyone has unwanted hair somewhere on their body. Unfortunately, traditional hair removal routines can be tedious, painful and expensive over time. Shaving may last a day, waxing a couple of weeks, but none of them last forever — and therein lies the true beauty of laser hair removal.

Using two different lasers enables us to treat both lighter and darker pigmented skin. When looking for a laser hair removal clinic, consider the following.

Is the laser powerful enough to remove the hair?

At Clarité we use true lasers with a wide range of settings to ensure that most colours of hair can be removed, including hair on skin with darker pigmentation. To ensure your safety before your laser treatments begin, Dr. Rice will perform or supervise a skin patch test on you. As well, your health and medication history is reviewed to ensure the laser is a safe choice for you. Our qualified medical estheticians will then perform your treatments. Please note that no current laser technology can remove white hairs.

Are the estheticians qualified?

Dr. Rice has been a physician for over 30 years. She has taken and continues to take extensive advanced laser courses including laser safety at the Harvard School of Medicine. Our medical estheticians are experienced with lasers and work under the guidance of Dr. Rice. At anytime during your treatment, should you wish to reconsult with Dr. Rice, just let the esthetician know.

Age Spot Treatment

Age spots occur for many reasons, including from chronic sun exposure and genetics. If you're an active person, chances are you spend more than your fair share of time in the sun. And if you're over thirty, you are more than likely to show signs of premature aging due to sun damage. Often, just one or two treatments are required to remove the spots. Dr. Rice will inform you about the correct skin care regime to reduce the chance of recurrence

Spider Vein Treatment

Leg and facial spider veins are bothersome at best, unattractive at worst. Fortunately with our laser treatments you can make yourself look and feel a whole lot better with as little as only one or two visits. For red flushing of the cheeks, we use a process called a "photofacial" where heating of the skin causes the small red capillaries near the surface to diminish. Note that redness after the treatment is temporary and will fade within a few days.

Examples of Dr. Rice's work:

Before and after images of laser treatment of spider veins on and around the nose
Before and after treatment.
Before and after images of laser treatment of spider veins on cheek
Before and after treatment.
Before and after images of laser treatment of spider veins on and around the nose
Before and after treatment.


This laser procedure helps to remove aging effects such as wrinkles and spots. It also improves skin texture, diminishes pore size, and helps to lighten/remove some types of brown discolourations and red, small blood vessels. This treatment creates a healthier, more youthful, and even skin tone. Usually between 3 and 6 treatments are required.

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